Monday, December 5, 2011

Musings from Michigan Craft Shows and Friends

Met some really nice people at the St. Nick's Warehouse 30th (??) annual craft show.  I had hats, dolls, mixed-media and high hopes and was not disappointed! 

This is what my booth looked like.  Pretty in pink!

Here is another angle.

They had over 250 vendors and thousands of people come through - many stopped at my booth and bought dolls, hats, tutu's and boots I had sewn to hang on a doorknob (or, on the tree!)
This sweet little girl found a home!  This doll was from an original pattern by Brenda at Vintage Polka Dot.  She is holding on  tight to her paper mache duckie!

This is another doll based on the same pattern! 
 This snowgirl is now sitting comfortably in Karen's home in Novi, thank you!

It has been busy as with everyone else and it doesn't help that I discovered Pinterest (aaarrrgghhhh) too many ideas, not enough time in the day.

Carrie Hudson Peralta is a digital artist (click here to see her amazing work!) and she bought this mixed media, Birthday Girl and an elephant - thank you so much Carrie.  You and your daughter Myranda are amazing people!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and stopped to visit and a big thank you to all who purchased an item from me, I truly appreciate it!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Phoebe was on EBAY and has found a home, thank you!

This sassy gal found a home!

Lucille Ball? Bozo the Clown?  I'm just saying...
Haley was made with osnaburg fabric.  Her nose was needle-sculpted, her lips were defined using embroidery thread and the rest of her face was defined using acrylics, artists chalks and micron pen.
Her cotton dress with all of it's trim is also handmade.  Her hand was made with a hard, cardboard cone and then covered with black and silver's all about the hat!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bob Seger Collectible - Silver Bullet Band Wine Bottle

YEARS ago I used to work for a radio station in Michigan, WDRQ in the programming department.  When the reps would come in, they would sometimes give us goodies like this one:
It was a bit hard to capture the label as it is from 1981!  It was a promotional bottle of wine for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band's new release:  NINE TONIGHT   It lists the songs:  Nine Tonight, Trying to Live My Life Without You, You'll Accomp'ny Me and Hollywood Nights. I met a few celebs and had my photo taken with Jermaine Jackson, Andre Cymone (Prince's former bass player) and a few others. If I can dig up the photos, I will post.  Think the wine is ready to drink??