Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Doll Project for A Good Cause!

Warning!  Unfinished Doll!  If unfinished dolls frighten or not enter!!

This is an art doll that has not been finished yet.  Please read on as this is for a good cause and I would like your suggestions. 

As a mini-mini-mini collaboration with a fantastic doll artist, Cindy Sowers, she promptly (unlike myself) make the doll body for this project with a wonderful painted face and shipped to Michigan from Vermont and now dubbed "Naked Alien Doll".

Here is when she first arrived.  A beautifully constructed doll, not a stitch out of place - wonderful artistry. And this is how she remains - a naked doll in my living room (kinda creeping us all out lately - especially the boys!)

This mini-mini-mini collaboration was actually Ms Sowers idea as a way to help raise funds for Foundation for Fighting Blindness or CRF.  If you go to previous blogs - or Sept. 11th blog if this link doesn't work, you will see that my three, teen sons have have a very, rare eye disease that leads to eventual blindness.  There is no cure YET, but the researchers are working on it!!  You know what comes next, they need moola and lots of it!! SO...a couple of thoughts on this fund raising idea:

#1 Dubbed "The Doll Project"  Create a funny, catchy video involving Alien Doll, three teen sons, and send to Ellen Degeneres Show to see if they are interested in helping to raise awareness of this disease.  Offer the audience three different choices each week for hair, hat, shoes, etc. you get the picture?  The audience can complete the doll and then we will auction it off when she is finally done.  (The voting would include giving her a name - FINALLY!)

#2 Clothe and complete the doll and offer at auction here.  To enter, make a donation (suggest minimum of $5.00 - does that sounds OK?)  and when we reach a certain amount (what amount do you think?) the winner would be selected from a random draw by one of the boys. 

#3 Keep Alien Doll and travel around the country until we reach a pre-specified goal amount ($$$$????).  Her travels will be posted here for as long as it takes to reach the set goal.  This would be a bit fun for me as I have a real, wacky sense of humor!

Well, there you have it.  I love my boys and would want to help raise the funds to find a cure for this disease.  It's all in good fun and it is for a good cause. Really, any suggestions at all are welcome so please let your friends know, forward this post to all your creative friends and let me know what you  think (c'mon, not EVERYTHING you're thinking! - just for this fundraiser silly). 


  1. All comments and suggestions are appreciated - spam is not!!

  2. Deena,
    I think this fundraiser Idea is brilliant. I like all three ideas. I am not clever when it come to thinking up fundraiser ideas. But I would love to help in any way I can. Oh, bless your son's. I would love to help.
    I will keep watching to see what you decide on the fund raiser.
    Blessings to you and your family on this Thanksgiving:)


  3. Hey hun, how are you? sorry I'm not around much these days.... I hate being so absent. I love all 3 ideas - It's definately worth doing something re Ellen - and I like the idea of an auction - especially if we can promote it on the ADO blog too. making money is the goal - so the more the merrier eh! I will get my thinking cap on.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family sweet Deena. Love from me and Little Amy :O)

  4. Thank you ladies - I had to repost this article as someone had put spam in my comments section and I could not get it off!! If you could, please tell all your friends to come on over and leave their suggestions. OR, how about mail this link to Ellen? If everyone did, maybe she will take notice!! Thank you again.

  5. HI Deena, you are a delight...I long that we someday have a world with no disease...blessings in this next phase for you..may you be as successful as you are in bringing smiles to our faces.. and I like # 2 of your ideas blessings madame samm

  6. Madame Samm - Thank you so much for your oh so kind words, you always make me laugh!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Deena,
    It is CRAZY enough to work. Tell me what you need to help with the project. I am there for you.

  8. Deena, I think if you can convince her to do it, you'd get some great exposure for the issue on Ellen's show. Otherwise, I'm not sure which idea would be "better" although, having a raffle is fun. I'm not sure how you're making money from idea #3 but it would be fun to follow the Alien Dolls travels :D I wish you well with this project!

  9. Deena,
    I am so smiling right now and just love this post! I just want to squeeze you right now lol. What a beautiful thing to do!

    I am stuck between #2 and #3 =:o)

    Xoxoxxx Ree