Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rayne Wants To Rock - Come See What Happened in Michigan..

Rayne came all the way from California from Kaci of Daydream Retreat as one of the participants in the Art Dolls Only Traveling Doll Project  There are five art doll artists on "Team Puppe" and my doll, Serendipity was sent off to Helen Fern.  (Read the previous post about the mini team (Team Boneca) I am also on.)

Rayne arrived with a clay head and a body with a wire armarature covered with a soft cloth batting.  Her eyes were painted white and she had a dark cherry lip color. 
After reading Rayne's journal entries, it was clear she was a girl who liked colors and excitement!  I started with her cream-colored hair (which is actually a tassel but shhhh.....!)  She had a choice of several pieces to compliment her updo and she chose a headband with a couple of simple, fabric flowers.  Noting the picture of the model that was in the journal, I duplicated the eyes - a bright, sparkling blue. Although she didn't have the over-the-top big eyelashes, Rayne was insistent.   Next I added some light cheek color and a pink lip gloss.  She was ready to roll!

How often do you get a backstage peek at a metal band in the making??
Rayne was right in the middle of all of the music making and it was LOUD!
 Rayne didn't mind one bit and took advantage of  every photo opportunity that came along...
Guess who wants to start their own band when they get back to California?  Rayne is looking for some uber cool, looks like a superstar, next American Idol winner type of outfits.  She has been shipped off to her next destination, Helen Fern in Oregon.  She really had fun in Michigan at Fabby Dolls (Deena) but she is ready to quiet her mind so she can concentrate on her music career.  Rayne was really excited to receive a new pair of shoes with a matching purse, a boa and some other sparkly things to pack in her suitcase.    

Yes, a little piece and quiet will do her some good!


  1. Rayne has had quite an exciting life already! Lookin' good, girl.

  2. I do love her new 'do' - and of course, her eyes.

  3. Rock Chick in the making, can't wait to meet her in person! :o)

  4. Hey Deena,

    Okay. I have to ask...who has the mixing board??? I am duly jealous! (DH and I both used to play--me bass--but time and hands refuse...)
    I love what you've done with the doll--her hair is about the color of mine!!! And the red lipstick!
    Very cool!


  5. Thank you for checking in ladies, I appreciate it and all of your comments! Anne - we have a recording studio in our home - hubby used to play and I used to sing (that's how we met almost 28 years ago!) Now, Boys are playing - but they play metal!