Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Say "Wynn" Team Boneca ADO Traveling Doll Project

Recap:  Art Dolls Only Traveling Doll Project direct from the ADP/TDP page:

"This project is a collaboration of artists, all working individually on a group doll. This year we have 26 members participating that have been split into 7 teams.

Each doll will take a journey...starting and ending in the same place with a whole new look and story. A journal will travel with each doll that will tell the story from the start, middle, and the end of the dolls adventure."

Finally!  I finished my part on Bari's doll "Wynn" for Team Boneca (please read previous post on Team Puppe and "Rayne" as I am also a part of that team).  Wynn had so many possibilities!  The name "Wynn" as Bari stated was like "Pat" - you know, from Saturday Night Live?  The doll could be either/or -- male or female.  Wynn was more like a beautiful sculpture than a "doll".  Long neckline, strong hands and the face was aged but you could see the past "life" of what could have been for Wynn.  What to do with Wynn?  She moved from living room to dining room for over a week before a decision was made.  My husband said that Wynn looked like Mr. Hoggett from the movie "Babe".  That was such a wonderful movie - you must see if you haven't.  OK - so that is where Wynn began and well, it kinda got crazy!

Here is how Wynn arrived (pictured with "Rayne"):
The story begins here...

Folks who live in small towns out in the country can have lives as complex (sometimes more) than those who live in the big cities.  Same hustle and bustle – just a different kind.  Instead of hustling for money (like those Wall Street feller’s) they’re hustling the cattle, thrashing the wheat, feeding the pigs, chickens and hogs trying to scratch out a living for their families. Wynn is one of those complex folks who live in one of those small, country towns.  Nobody knows too much about Wynn.  Keeps to herself mostly but you can always get a glimpse of Wynn every Tuesday.  Don’t really know why it is every Tuesday but that seems to be the day Wynn has picked for her “ritual” as the towns folk call it.  Same time of day, too:  2PM.  Another one of those mysteries about Wynn I have yet to decipher.
Wynn is always dressed in the same ‘ol hat and never without the scarf she wears around her neck, (some call it a “rag”).   Heard through the local librarian she checks out the same book whenever she stops in, “Emma” by Jane Austen.   Keeps it for months at time and the pages are tattered something awful.  The librarian says it has “stains” on some of the pages – like someone had poured a "bucket of tears" on it.  Wynn always manages to pay the late fees; librarian says she’s gonna order a new copy with all the fees she gets from Wynn.   Another thing I noticed if I get a real close look (which isn’t often) is Wynn always has what looks like a letter in the front pocket of them worn-out overalls she’s always wearin’.  Post Master says he never knew Wynn to ever stop in to mail anything.
Wynn heads out to the same spot way up on the hill that overlooks the cemetery.  It’s ‘sho ‘nuff a pretty site, looking down over all the flowers that intermingle with the tall grass.  Looks ‘specially nice when there is a gentle breeze blowin’ – just enough to feel it run lightly through your hair (if you’re lucky enough to have hair – not like us ‘ol geezers) but Wynn always had beautiful, flowing, golden hair.  Some say she was a real beauty from what they could remember.  Now, she just looks tired, worn and sad…very sad.  In addition to her favorite book, Wynn always carries a blanket to her favorite spot.  I guess so she can stretch out and relax while she is up on that hill.  Ask me, looks like a baby blanket of some sort and bulky, like somethin’ is wrapped up in it . The colors look to have been quite stunning before they got all faded.  I guess it is kinda like Wynn.

Now hold on to your breeches -- across town lives a feller and his name also happens to be Wynn!  I know, hard to believe but in this place, “Wynn” happens to be one of those names that is real popular like.  I guess you could compare it to "either or" names like Pat, Hunter, Sammy--you get my drift.

Wynn is pretty much like “the other” Wynn, keeps to himself, no socializing at all.  If you did happen to lock eyes with Wynn all you would get is a cold, blank stare and a creepy feeling that would run from the top of your head through your entire body.  No thank you!    
He never causes nobody any trouble and is never seen out after sunset.  Wynn’s  a hog farmer and make’s a pretty good livin’ at it.  He takes real good care of them hogs, treats them like they’re his own children or somethin’.  Feeds them only the best feed, always keeps the pens real clean and some folks say they can even hear him some nights singing to the hogs in a real soft, gentle voice.  ‘Course, it was after sunset so who knows “who” he was singin’ to.  Could be he had a lady friend that no one knew about.  I doubt it though, icy as he is.  Heard he used to be a real good-looking, kind, thoughtful fella.  Something happened to 'cause him to harden so.
Not too much goes on in this small town, but this is a real mystery.  Yep, we got a  Wynn-Wynn situation here.  Put you’re thinkin’ caps on and let us know what you think is happening here.  Wynn is traveling on to Jacqui at Odddollz, maybe she can figure all this out and let us in on it.  

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS??  Leave 'em right here in the comments section and then stay tuned to see how this turns out.


  1. Very clever! She/he looks terrific, Deena. You did a fabulous job!

  2. These (this?) is really quite amazing. I love wynn! You have done a fabulous job on this. I think I might be Wynn, except my hair is brown. I will be tuned in for further developments.

  3. Don't explain it, it's such a lovely story! lovely what you did to the doll too, can it still convert to male/female or is the die set now? Love Wynn, either way or even both, quite fond of pigs too :o)

  4. I appreciate your kind words! Jan - very funny! Yve, not set in stone. Everything is removable but -- the hair does stay with the hat. "That'll do pig" said Farmer Hoggett in the movie "Babe".

  5. These character dolls are amazing!! I am always so intrigued by doll artists!!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I just love yours. I look forward to blogging with you...
    Enjoy the Weekend!!

  6. Such a cool dude... where are you Deena?!!!