Thursday, November 5, 2009

Step Out Of Your Box!!

It is getting a little "weird" to constantly pass by a naked doll in my living room. Sometimes I feel like the Naked Alien Doll is following me with her eyes and pleading "Please cover me up!". Then I caught a glimpse of the Oprah Show where four women were being challenged to step "out of the box" and take on something they normally wouldn't do, you know, "step out of the box". These were women who had had setbacks in their lives of some kind or were just feeling stuck in a rut, were fearful of trying new things in their own lives, etc. Sound familiar? Well, one of the challenges was...skinny dipping! When the women arrived at Black Beach, they had no idea what the challenge was until Ali Wentworth (their host for this venture) starting taking her clothes off. They were mortified! BUT...all but one woman stripped down and ran into the water - freedom! It got me to thinking about Naked Alien Doll. She really is a work of art. She has a beautifully constructed body, curvy, ample bosoms and a bit of "junk in her trunk". Again, sound familiar? I wondered if I would have thrown my clothes off and jumped into the water. I hope that I would have. I  hope that I would have considered my body with all of it's flaws - a work of art!  Celebrate yourself!  Whatever you are doing in your life, at this moment -celebrate yourself and treat yourself kindly. 

Oh yeah, one of the other challenges was being a part of a women's Roller Derby team. I think Naked Alien Doll would have jumped right in on that one, don't you?


  1. Great Post! I found myself wondering if I would have stripped the clothes and jumped in?? Hmmmmm I'm still wondering???
    Didnt have to think about the Roller Derby though ;)


  2. Naked Roller Derby. Sounds like something for reeeeeally late at night :) Where's the link for your Flicker, Deena? Your dolls are looking, well, FAB! Perhaps you will make a roller derby queen! The skates would be a bit tricky, me thinks.

    I think you and I would need something a tad more challenging than skinny dipping or roller derby, frankly :) Wonder what they would come up with?!

  3. Is she dressed yet?
    Hope you are well - I'm loving your new dolls Deena - they are superb. You must be busy - not 'seen' you around lately :O)

  4. Hhhhmm, I know that wouldn't have bothered me a bit a few years ago... regular nekkid sunbather here, but now? Not a chance especially with cameras around!

    Was reading Abi's blog and had to come over and check out Naked Alien Doll - fab! :o)