Friday, January 15, 2010

Everybody LOVES Buddy! Come See Why...

Meet Buddy - aptly named as he is friend to all (even the strangers who come and knock on the front door - being out in the country, we don't have a lot of people coming up to the door so it does give me a heads up.)

Buddy has been a part of our family since 2003.  We met Buddy at the Detroit Adopt-A-Friend event held every year (I think twice a year) at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Michigan.  While the boys were looking over all the oh-so-cute puppies, Buddy was patiently waiting in his cage enjoying the occasional visitor.  You see, he was what was considered "an older dog" at almost a year.  He had been adopted by someone once and they returned him - he was digging  holes in their backyard.  He might have uncovered a treasure - your loss!    

Buddy caught my eye because he was so calm and friendly.  The staff person from the Humane Society was doing a real number on me: Buddy was a mixed breed with mostly lab, already house-trained, gentle, great with kids, etc.  I told her we would be back after we had looked at all of the dogs and then she stated his time at the shelter was "running out" - you know what that means.  After circling around for about an hour - back to Buddy it was.  All three boys and my sister agreed - Buddy would make a great new addition!

The first order of business on the way home was Buddy's first meal - WHITE CASTLE!  Who doesn't love White Castle (once or twice a year).  He has been a FANTASTIC pet from the very first day we got him home.  He loves to join in on all the boys' antics...I even took him to school that first year in a cape and underwear - dressed as Captain Underpants!  The classroom even fell in love with him.  As for digging, the only time he does that is to find the moles!  We live on 10 acres and mow the 3-4 acres that are around the immediate house and my husband is always amazed (dare I say proud?) that Buddy always does his biz in the woods!  What a dog!  By the way, he name was originally "Adam" but we knew he was gonna be a "Buddy".


  1. OMG!!! Detroit White Castles!!! How I miss them, mostly for the mix of people that would come in while you were enjoying the sliders!
    I think Buddy is right where he should be, and looks quite dapper in his scarf. ;)
    We used to go to Royal Oak in the evening, watching the Punks come out (our heritage.....I am so old....WAH!)
    This was a nice memory!


  2. Deena,
    Buddy is precious! You can see the love and gentleness in his eyes. I love his bandanna :)I am a dog lover and if I could I would take home and LOVE every dog from the Humane society or shelter.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Buddy will probably not like it, but I have to say he is beautiful!! What a magestic looking dog. You definitely got a treasure with him.

  4. Yes Diane, Buddy is very sweet and still enjoys the occasional White Castle (if there are any left over). Anne- can I ship you any sliders??

  5. Maybe you can make a Buddy dog and add it to naked doll :) She could use a buddy.

  6. awww... what a big ol' softie ... I'm so glad you got him and he got you..

  7. He is gorgeous! so glad he has a lovely home :O)