Monday, January 25, 2010

HUGE Give-A-Way!!

What's it all about Alfie?  In a nutshell, it is a way for bloggers to get to know other bloggers, find out what they do/write about and showcase the great talent that is out there. There are SO many artists offering some fantastic art - it may take you a few days to sign up for all of it!

I am giving away a cute ornament on the Art Dolls Only site.  Go on over to see it - it's only one more click!  Really, she's quite cute.


  1. Well, Deena, I would love to win your ornament, but I can't, I'm exempt they tell me. Boo hoo. So, how bout you put up something that I can win here! :) Just kidding, but...

  2. Your entry for the OWOH is lovely Deena!
    How you doing? I utterly love the start of your TDP doll - freakin amazing I have to say - wish you were in our group, I would love to participate in her journey.