Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bra Doll Challenge for Breast Cancer Awareness DID 2009 Winner!!

has posted a slideshow of the winners for this year's Dimensions in Dollmaking Show in San Diego and  Viewers's choice went to "Carlotta, Ms Cougar 2009"   in the "Bra Challenge" category. Here is a link  for the dolls made for the challenge hosted by Barb and Doug Keeling.

For the Bra Challenge category, you had to incorporate a bra in the making of the doll.  Can you see where the bra is in this photo of Ms Cougar??

The purpose of the challenge was to bring awareness to Breast Cancer.

Carlotta, Ms Cougar 2009 loves her shag rug and is quite proud of her trophy.  Do you know any cougars?  C'mon, you must know a few.  In fact, TV even has a show called "Cougartown" starring Courtney Cox. 

I must have hit on a "theme" because it would never have won a technical award.  This was not the best  doll ever made!  Seriously.  I took many short cuts (glued, velcro-ed and everything imaginable) to hurry and get her out the door.  I was thrilled to win nonetheless and it was for a good cause which made it all  worth it!  My friend,  Cindy Sowers told me it is the idea, the imagination of what makes the doll resonate with people.  She made a beautiful doll Lorelei and I know she has put  MANY MANY hours into making  her, take a look.

See?? Isn't she gorgeous?

I guess there are more cougars out there than we are aware of..better watch out guys,  grrrrrrrrrrr                      
ANYWAY....here's where the bra is:


  1. I love your doll, Deena -- the pose is just perfect! And it doesn't look poorly crafted to me. You did a marvelous job! -- Cindy

  2. Tee hee, glue, velcro, whatever your doll is lovely and has a definite personality, which is why you won an award!!!!!!!!!!

    Cindy's Lorelei is beautiful, I think marilyn would have loved it! :o)

  3. I agree with Yve and Cindy - who cares what she and her adornments are held together with - she won an award - and everyone knows that the viewers choice is the real winner of the show - judges are always biased one way or another. So, as I hold my glass of red up (not too high cos I don't want to spill a drop) - cheers to a wonderful and talented friend :O)

  4. Hi I love your doll, she has a wonderful pose and so beautiful and creative!! I agree with Abi! You are the real winner great job!!!
    : )

  5. she must have "resonated" with more than just a few cougars... or those who wish they were... whatever, she is great ..... so is Cindy's Lorelei..