Thursday, October 8, 2009

With Halloween just around the corner, I went lookin' on Etsy for some unique Halloween-themed items and it brought me to the Etsy shop of Spirit Mama's Sock Monkey and Cake Topper.

Not only did I find a bunch of monkey's,  I found these two characters lurking about!  


Don't they make a great couple?
They are made out of polymer clay and re-purposed clothing so they are even eco-friendly.

I had to include one of Spirit Mama's Sock Monkey Toppers because I have twins and they do act like monkey's sometimes!  She also has wedding cake toppers, art dolls and lots of really, fun to look at polymer clay sculptures.  This is one of those toppers that is sure to a keepsake for the family - but which twin gets to keep it? Better order two!


  1. Thanks Deena, how fun to see my Day of the dead "Muertos" lurking around your blog!