Friday, October 2, 2009

The only limits are, as always, those of vision. - James Broughton

If you have read about my sons', you will know about the eye disease they have and what they are to confront in the future.  What you don't know about them is the great spirit and belief they have.  If we could all just have a small piece of it.  My husband has taught the boys that they can heal themselves if they can overcome the negative thoughts that have been imposed upon them through society, including us as parents in moments when they were younger.  Please forgive us for that.  He was reinforcing this belief  with one of our son's - that you can heal yourself, you can alter your DNA if your thoughts are adjusted to say, for instance, "my eyes are perfect", "the blood vessels are regenerating and are becoming healthy" and so on.  My son then said he had been telling himself nightly "my eyes are sharper than an eagle's eyes'" and went on to say he couldn't wait until the start of school next year so he could shout it out "I can see perfectly!".  Ian,  you see more clearly than most of us.


  1. You never know, the power of positive thinking can do wonders :o)

  2. Yes Yve, for those who believe and Ian is such a believer and a free spirit!! He really makes me take a closer look at myself.

  3. What a wonderful attitude. I am reading a book Believing in Magic... And you can change anything if you believe !! Blessings! Hugs