Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall is Here, Halloween Can't be Far Behind! Take a Look at The Fun and Fantastic Polymer Clay Artist Loopy Boopy...

Soon all the ghosts and goblins will be out searching for all kinds of treats but I have one for you today! Take at look at these UNIQUE polymer clay art dolls by ADO Etsy artist Loopy Boopy

This is actually a cake topper - a must for your strange, creepy (but loving!) wedding affair. Isn't this couple adorable?!!

All of the creepy, odd and strange people are handmade using polymer clay and there are more people and ornaments (yes, this guy is an ornament) available at Loopy Boopy's Etsy Shop

Justine is my favorite. Please take at look at
Loopy Boopy's Etsy Shop and support handmade artists! All of the artists on Etsy work very hard at their craft to bring you unique, quality items that you will not find in any commercial store - these are usually one of a kind, limited editions and many artists offer custom work.

Get ready to enjoy your journey into the world of handmade, you're gonna be amazed!

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