Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls

As you can see, I love to bring to this blog the great doll artists from ADO/Etsy - the place where all things are handmade.  I have another treat for your eyes: DuBuhDu Designs.  The dolls are exquisite and I believe they speak for themselves. 


DuBuhDu has prints of her magnificent dolls at her DuBuhDu Designs. Etsy is the place for all things handmade.  There is so much to see from wonderful, handmade artisans.  All items are handmade or vintage - no manufactured items.  Handmade dolls are such a wonderful keepsake.  They each have their own story and the artists put their heart and soul into making their dolls.  Support handmade and you will not be disappointed.    


  1. Hi Deena. No red wine again :O(
    I have nominated you for an award - it's back at my blog - I hope you have chance to collect it :O)

    Christine is one of my favorite doll makers!

  2. Christine's work is awesome! Every doll is so unique and yet so recognizable as signature Christine! I love the one with red stripes you selected above, Deena!

  3. Thank you Deena, Cindy and Abi for your kind words:)
    You'll have to forgive me for slowly slowly getting to your blog~it's wonderful!

  4. You are very welcome and I understand you are busy creating your beautiful dolls so keep going!