Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Fab Cloth Art Doll Artists!

Presenting another one of the great artisans you can find on Etsy, Cindy Sowers. Cindy makes absolutely fabulous cloth dolls and if you know of someone who is getting married in the coming year, this would be a totally excellent gift! You MUST see her other dolls (I command you!). This is an art cloth, one of a kind doll. What could be a more perfect gift for that once in a lifetime wedding day? Here Comes The Bride

Cindy also creates lovely fairy dolls like this one: Zenae the Sorceress


  1. LOL - you silly thing! I've emailed Georgina, so hopefully she'll come by. I'm hoping this is one of many - fingers crossed. have a good day Deena. x

  2. I am glad to have made you laugh! Have a good evening.

  3. Hey girl, I heard some good news about you and Dimensions in Dollmaking! That's awesome! - Cindy