Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Day Another Doll...

I hope everyone reading this is in wonderful health and high spirits today.  The weather in Michigan is changing swiftly to fall (my personal favorite season) and I want to enjoy it as long as I can before winter sets in.  I was going to log off but I first looked at Paula Nerhus's Etsy Shop and I just had to post photos of her wonderful art dolls.  How happy someone is going to be when they own one of her works.  Paula sculpts the heads from paperclay and then paints with various mediums.  The clothing is from reclaimed vintage materials.  If you go to her site, she can explain better than I and you can then take a look at her "thinking inside the box" dolls.

Click Click Click to see all of the photos of this wonderful doll!  I would be thrilled to own just the photograph!  I must mention that Paula is one of the ADO (Art Dolls Only) artist's from Etsy.  Paula is so nice, she even takes layaway.  Someone is going to grab this doll as a Christmas gift so hurry and take a look before it is gone!

I love this guy!  He has such a sweet, innocent look on his face.  Paula's dolls take so many hours to create and they are  truly one of a kind.  You will be amused and amazed when you go to Paula's shop and you will surely have a smile on your face after looking at her creations.

Once again, you will find only the best of the best on Etsy where all things are handmade.  Support handmade artisans - all they do they do with love.


  1. Paula's dolls are so beautiful~and her photograpy is most impressive!

  2. She is amazing - as are your designs and photos!!